My First Web Page
Use this template to make the first page of your website. When you make a web page you learn that a web page file is HTML tags and text when you look at it in TextEdit, and a visual web page with colors links and images and more when you look at the same file with browser like Safari.
In class we will follow a process of writing HTML in TextEdit, saving changes, and then using Safari to open, view and sometimes reload the page.

For a great site with HTML reminders go to Learning HTML at IPL Kidspace. Below are links to sites that will help us build pages along with some of my other favorites. For a reminder on how to set TextEdit preferences click here.

Favorite First Page Links

The Eleweb

Elephant Sanctuary

Buddy Dog

Put another website here! (You can copy and paste an address above to start you off.)

Colors for my web site.

Animations for my web site.

Create a 3D Text banner for your title.

Using Tables on my web site.

A Basic Table Layout

Download one or both of the above images for your web page. For Safari, control-option click on the image and save the image to your web folder. Even easier: drag and drop the picture into your folder.
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