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The History of My Favorite Dog Breeds

Australian Shepherd
Basque Shepherds (from Spain) came to Australia during the end of nineteenth
century Taking their dogs with them. Awile later, the dogs were
broght to America. From Those dogs,the breed originated.
Border Collie
The name "Border Collie" was actually not used until 1915 and is better known as
a herding dog and working dog rather than a show dog. Trails of sheepdog have
been held since 1873 but the breed is new to showing. They are better
knon for working with sheep on the borders of England, whales
and Scotland.
Cairn Terrier
Cairn Terriers have long been known in the Highlands and Ilands of Scotland and might
have originated on the Isle of Skye were it was used to work the cairns of the island.
The Dachshund has six different varieties in the U.K, falling into two different sizes,
standard and minature. The minature wire-haired Dachshund was not reconized in Britain
until 1959. The breed name translates from German into badger dog which may have been
their original purpose. Dachshunds were popular in the nineteenth century with Britain;
Queen Victoria owned several. The public lost interest in the breed during the two world wars,
but rose again to popularity in the 1950's.
The Poodle comes in three different varieties; standard, miniture and toy. The standard
Poodle originated in Germany. The word Poodle comes from the German word Pudle
which means water dog. Later on the dog found its way to France which is where the
toy and miniture poodles originated. The toy Poodle was a favorite with French Kings
and Queens. In the 1800's the Poodle migrated to the U.S. where it was recognized
by the AKC(American Kennel Club). It was the most popular dogs in the U.S. in the
1950's because it could be clipped into different styles to match its owner's taste.
The Poodle is sometimes an overlooked dog because most people think it is all for show.
However, the breed is deceivingly smart and talented as well as affectionate. This is
my favorite dog of all.