Jenny was born wild in 1969 in Sumatra. She was capture wild in 1974 were she performed with the Carson and Barnes Circus. She was crippled and dumped at a private dog and cat shelter in Las Vegas until September 11, 1996 when she was brought to the sanctuary. Before she went to the circus she went to many other places. In January 1992, after repeatedly running away from her trainers during circus performances, Jenny was sent to a breeding facility in Illinois. Four months later, Jenny sustained a serious injury to her back left leg, caused by a bull elephant. Jenny did not get treatment for her injury. In March 1993, almost one year after Jenny's injury, she was declared useless as a breeder. This is when she was sold to the circus and then the dog and cat shelter. On July 22, 1996, the sanctuary was contacted by Jenny's owners and asked to take her. On September 11, Jenny arrived at the Sanctuary.
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