Bunny was born in 1952 in Burma, Asia almost 50 years ago. She is short and stout and has a short tail that appears to have been broken in several places when she was younger. As a result from sleeping on concrete when she was at the Mesker Park zoo, she developed pressure wounds all over her body. All but one of the wounds have completely healed but the scars remain. That's why she came to the Sanctuary. She enjoys company and is always ready for and adventure. She loves to trumpet and call Jenny and Shirley; two of her best friends. They never get tired of the calls. They love Bunny and feel as they need to "protect" her. They never want to leave Bunny alone for a long time. The girls love to play in the pond and are almost like sisters. Tarra sometimes joines their group as well. Bunny is always wanting to play, and she never wants to play alone. She especially loves to play with Jenny. Jenny and Bunny are slowly becoming great friends.