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How to Play
  • In order to play badminton, you need to learn how to play it!!!
  • You can either play in doubles or in singles
    You need to know where to serve and where is "out." Out is when you hit the shuttle(or birdie) out of the court. The first line closest to you when you're playing is the out line for singles. The last line on the side is the out line for doubles. When you serve, you should always serve diagonally from your opponent. If you serve into the box that's across from you, then it counts as out. Waaaay back in the court, You'll see two lines. The line that's closest to the player is the line that determines if the serve is out or not for doubles. The last line is for the same thing but for singles. Now you need to learn aaaall the way in the front. There is a line again(getting sick of the lines?) and it's for seeing if a serve is short. If the shuttle lands inbetween the line and net, the serve counts as "short." The serve needs to be between the out lines and the service line.
    You also need to know the faults.
    There aren't alot ofthem for me to explain, but are REALLY important so try to remember them. One of the faults is that if your racket goes over the net to smash or attack the shuttle,(go to skills page) then that will count as a fault. You must never ever EVER bring your racket over the net unless you want to give your opponent a lead(which is a stupid thing to do so DON'T DO IT!!!) The other fault is when your racket hits the net. That usually happens you're trying to drive(skills page again) a shuttle over the net when the shuttle was too low to do that. OR it was too close to the net when you were trying to attack.
    Now to learn when it is your turn to serve.
    This paragraph is SOOOO important so LISTEN UP! when you're playing for fun, you usually want to hit the shuttle up and when it lands, the head of the shuttle(the part that you hit. Not the feathers) should point somewhere. If it points to you, you serve. If it points to your opponent, they serve. If it points somewhere besides you or your friend, you either judge whether the head is closer to you or your frined, but if it's too hard to decide, do it again. But in a tournament, It's the umpire(not the baseball kind) who descides the server. IT's usually the umpire's right hand side that serves.
    How did I forget! I need to tell you about judges in tournament.
    In the previous paragraph, I mentioned umpires. Let me guesss. Before I mentioned that it wasn't the baseball kind, the first image and sentence that appeared in your head was "Umpire?!! that has to do basaeball!! What does that have to do with Badminton?!!" Tell me that I'm wrong, because like I said: THAT KIND OF UMPIRE DOES NOT HAVE TO DO WITH BASEBALL!!! The umpire stands by the court. So his or her nose is parallell to the net. His/her job is to see if a ball is out on the sides closest to him/her and to call things like," Service over. second server" (that'sfor doubles) and," Fault" and "Service over." You get the point. It's basically wathing and running the game. There are alsoline judges. They sit all the way in the back in a chair. They sit in a corner(not in the court) and call outs and ins. They don't yell it out, they do signlanguage-for- badminton. They bring their hands together in front of them slanting down when the shuttle is in. They bring both of their hands down on either side of them slanting down when the shuttle is out. Last, there is a service judge. He/she judges the serve whether it's in, out, or when it's a fault. Yup. There are also faults when you serve. If your foot leaves the ground before you serve, it's a fault. move your feet after the serve. That's basically all you need to know about playing. Of course, there are a lot more things you need to learn like how to do a smash, a drive, a clear.... I talk about that stuff in the skills page, so why don't you visit that next. Or you could visit the homepage and click on some of the badminton clubs that I listed for you if you want to have lessons. That's all for now!

    Vivian ©2004

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