Adding Graphics to Websites

How to Get Photographs in Digital Format:

Other kinds of graphics:

Required File Formats for all graphics posted on internet pages:

Converting Formats to gif or jpeg format:

Note: ClarisWorks currently creates only PICTs so any artwork created in or received via clarisworks needs to be converted to gif or jpeg

Question: How do I know the format of my graphic?
Answer: Look at file type in your directory, get info, or when you open/create graphic in your software programs, find a check mark on one of the menu subdirectories which shows what the format is (same way you can tell what font you are using on a text document)

To Convert:

1) Open digital image application (i.e Adobe Photoshop)
2) Use File/Open command to open your graphic
3) Save as GIF or JPEG, generally gif is preferred because they are usually smaller files (less pixel information needed for each graphic). You may need to learn more about your digital imaging software to optimize your graphics.

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