Converting Word Processed Files to HTML

The Thor Riddle:

The Thunder God Thor went on a ride
upon his favorite filly
"I'm Thor", he cried.
The horse replied, "You forgot your Thaddle Thilly".

--author unknown

Most current word processing programs let you export or save files as HTML. To test out the process try this excerxise:

  1. Open Netscape, SimpleText and ClarisWorks on your computer.

  2. Make ClarisWorks the active application, create a new word processing document and type the Thor riddle. (This process will work with any ClarisWorks word processing document youšve created.

  3. Save. Call your document Thor Riddle.

  4. Save the Thor Riddle again, this time as an HTML document. Choose File>Save As, and use the dialogue box to change the format to www(HTML). Name the file Thor.html.

  5. Make Netscape the active application and open the Thor.html file.

  6. Use View>Page Source to see the source code for Thor.html; this will convert the source code to a SimpleText document.

  7. Paste in your HTML table with author info and back links. Make additioanl edits as needed. Save.

  8. With Netscape active, choose File>Open Page and use the dialogue box to open the new, SimpleText version of Thor.html. Continue with the SimpleText save, Netscape reload process until your page is complete.

Last updated February 2, 1999
By Barbara Peskin
TWK Associates
Artwork in collaboration with eds designs