Lists, Lists and More Lists

There are a variety of ways to layout lists using HTML. Below are samples of three different types of lists. To see how to write the HTML for each type of list, view the source code. If you are viewing this page on the internet, you may want to save the source code to your floppy disk so that you can make changes to the file and edit to include your own list entries.

Ordered Lists will number each of your points. For example I might use an ordered list to explain how to create, view and edit HTML files using a Macintosh.

Ordered List: Creating HTML on a Mac

  1. Open the Netscape Application
  2. Open the SimpleText Application
  3. From SimpleText create a new file, save to your floppy disk or computer as filename.html. Write your html and save again.
  4. Using the Application Menu go to Netscape to make it the active application. Open the file you just created called filename.html. You will now see that file as a web page.
  5. Using the Application Menu go to Simple Text, make edits on your file, save. Return to Netscape and hit the reaload button. Repeat this step until your web page is complete.

there are additional commands you can use to create different types of ordered lists that use roman numerals or the alphabet. for more tips and tools for creating lists, i recommend elizabeth castro's book: html for the world wide web (a visual quickstart guide)which you can purchase through

Unordered List: Creating HTML on a Mac

Definition List: Terms for Creating HTML on a Mac

Open the Netscape Application
To start up Netscape, click on the Netscape Navigator icon on your computer.
Open the SimpleText Application
To start up SimpleText, go back to Finder and click on a SimpleText application icon. (You can also trigger SimpleText or TeachText by using the View Document Source from the Netscape menu bar.)
Macintosh Application Menu
The Application Menu allows you to see which applications are currently running on your Mac. The check mark indicates which is the active application. Access the application on the top right corner of the Macintosh Menu Bar.

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