Starter Set of HTML Tags: Structure, Style, Links

I. Starter Set of HTML Tags: Structuring Your Page


The very first tag in your document: <HTML> and the very last: </HTML>


The second tag in your document. Enclosed within the beginning tag:<HEAD> and the ending tag: </HEAD> is information about the document that will not display in the body of the document like the Title, which shows up as the title of the window when someone is browsing your page.

The document title, which is enclosed with a begin title tag: <TITLE>and an end title tag: </TITLE>, all of which is enclosed with the HEAD tags above. The title does not display as part of the document itself, but appears either in the browser window title (Netscape) or in a special box above the document (NCSA Mosaic). It is also the text used to name your document in a bookmark list.

The complete text, images and link of what will appear as the content of your web page is enclosed by a begin body tag: <BODY> and an end body tag: </BODY>.

II. Starter Set of Tags: Stylizing Your Page

Tags for adding color to your page, varying Font Size, Bold, Italic,

Background Color, Text Color, Link Color Tags
<body bgcolor="# ffffff" text=" black" links =" red">

In this case is the #ffffff hexidecimal code for white. There are many resources for finding out which code corresponds with your color choice. For example, go off to a good internet site called ColorMaker, or check the Netscape Color Codes gif I provide on this site and with my handouts. There are links to both these pages from the Getting Started section of this web site.)

Font Size Tags
(H stands for headings but we can use the h1 through h6 tags throughout the body)

<h1>Largest Size Text</h1>
<h3>Medium Size Text</h3>
<h6>Smallest Size Text</h6>

or you can use

<font size=1>...</font>

Examples: (opposite of H1 tags re: number relation to size)
<font size=1>Small Text</font>
<font size=3>Bigger Text</font>
<font size=6>Even Bigger Text</font>

if you use the font size tags, you can also indicate typeface...
<font size=6 face=palatino> Even Bigger Text with Palatino Font</font>

Bold <B>....</B>
Italic <I>....</I>
Blink <Blink>.... </Blink>
Center <Center>.......</Center>

Paragraph <P> (No end tag needed)
Creates a space and starts a new paragraph

Line Break <BR> (No end tag needed)
Starts a new paragraph without an extra line space.

Horizontal Rule <HR>
Creates a line across the page
Make a thicker line by increasing the size <HR size=10>

Hidden Text Tag <!--.......-->
When you want to type a note to yourself in the source code that won't show on the browser.

III. Starter Set of HTML Tags: Linking (or Reference) Tags

To go to another file on a local computer or floppy disk:

<a href="file.html"> Go to Link </a>

To go to another file on the internet:

<a href="http://server(company/organization/school)/file.html"> Go to Link </a>

<a href=""> PBS Home Page </a>

Important Note: Be sure to include quotes on both sides of the file name and be sure to close the reference (or link) by using the </a> tag.

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