HTML Font Size Practice

Practice making changes to this document a text software like Notepad or Simpletext, and test your changes in a browser like Explorer or Netscape. Visit IPL Kids Space for a good tutorial for a good online tutorial.

Your browser reads HTML code and follows the instructions in your tags

One set of tags to learn to use are the font size tags. Another method for changing font size is to use the series of tags h1 through h6.

You start and close the font size tags/instructions using brackets, the font size code, and a backslash.

Look at the source code for this document and you'll see how I change the font size, face and/or style for each sentence of text.

Practice changing the source code to see the changes you can make. Remember to reload the text in your browser everytime you want to see your changes via Netscape.

Now that you know about font size, go back to my source code and try replacing or adding other tags from the starter set of tags.

Once you are comfortable with font codes, lets try creating a new html document, go to the page which shows you how to start a new page using html.

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